25 Year anniversary

Twenty five years ago the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area was inscribed on the World Heritage list.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary provides us with an opportunity to reinvigorate the awareness and appreciation of the World Heritage Area.

We can all participate in celebrating this milestone. Here you will find online information and resources to get involved wherever you are.

Hold a local celebration

We are encouraging community groups, visitor centres, work places and schools in the Wet Tropics region to hold a local community event to celebrate what the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area means to us. You can choose to hold your community celebration on our anniversary date, Monday 9 December, or pick a date that suits your organisation – perhaps coinciding with your monthly volunteer meeting or a local promotion. 

Register your event on our online 25 year events calendar (by emailing us the details of your community event) and we will promote your event. When you register your event, we will send you out a Wet Tropics 25 year community celebration promotional package that includes: stickers, brochures, posters and other great give-a-ways promoting the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.


Help us promote the Wet Tropics

The Wet Tropics Management Authority has developed an easy to use online promotional package with 25 year anniversary logos, key messages and website links to assist with your promotion of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Download the 25 year anniversary logo. Choose from two designs and include the logo anywhere the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is promoted.

Enhance your promotional materials with 25 year anniversary website links.

Please feel free to add our website links to your online and promotional collateral to enhance your promotional materials. Download the logos and use either one to suit your needs. 


Other ways you can help:

Show your support in Facebook or Twitter

Show your support for the Wet Tropics by replacing your profile picture in Facebook or Twitter with the 25 year Wet Tropics logo. Spread the word about the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and what it means to you.

Stay in touch. LIKE us on Facebook.

Check out our Facebook page for all the latest news and events, facts on interesting animals and plants, and great walks and destinations to explore. Please LIKE Wet Tropics World Heritage Area on Facebook and share our posts.

Learn about the Wet Tropics at school

There are lots of school resources for teachers and educators that provide lesson plans and handout on Rainforest Explorer

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