Kids Activity Sheets

This series of activity and fact sheets focus on the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and the myriad of plants and animals that live within. These informative activities and factsheets can be used in the classroom or in the field. 

If you are looking for something different, there are many more activities and resources included in the Rainforest Explorer units and library.



Fact sheet

Activity sheet



Rhino Beetle Activity Sheet
Compost Comparisons Activity Sheet



Birdwing Activity Sheet


The Cassowary Education Kit is an outcomes based unit for students from grade 5 - 7. For detailed information about learning and cassowary outcomes as well as cassowary activities overview

Cassowary Book.

Cassowary Activity sheets

Rainforest Rave

This A3 dowload, quizes you about the Wet Tropics. Suitable for primary school.

Activity sheet

Rainforest Structure

Want to learn more about rainforest structures?

A3 forest structure detailed diagram

Diagram Quiz booklet (A4 - 22 pages)

Rainforest Site visit

Rainforest visit activity sheet

World Heritage Site Visit

Rainforest animals. Did you see them?

Wet Tropics Birds. Did you see them?

Common rainforest plants. Did you see them?

Insects and spiders. Did you see them?

Plants which grow on other plants. Did you see them?

Rainforest fruit. Did you see any?

Wildlife viewing diary



Weed Activity Sheet

Weed Map



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