Cassowary Award recipients (since 1999)

The Cassowary Awards were established by the Wet Tropics Management Authority in 1999 to recognise individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions towards the conservation and presentation of the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area.

Award recipients come from a range of backgrounds including farmers, scientists, conservationists, artists and tour operators. Previous recipients are listed in the below table. The diverse award recipients, have all made an exceptional effort towards the protection and management of the World Heritage Area, often devoting many years of their life to their passion.




1999 (8)
John Donaghy -Wet Tropics Neighbour
Anna Graham - Nature Based Tourism
Ernie Grant - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Skyrail- Nature Based Tourism
Margaret Thorsborne- Community Conservation
Nigel Tucker - Government
Errol Wiles - Wet Tropics Neighbour
Joan Wright (dec) - Community Conservation

2007 (10)
Frederick Michna -Young Cassowary
Tim Anderson - Unsung Hero
Sandy Clague - Conservation
Wendy Cooper - Science
Bruce Corcoran - Community Conservation
Kym Dungey & Jane Whytlaw - Nature Based Tourism
Eastern Kuku Yalanji Negotiating Team - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Les Jackson -  Government
David Leech & Wally Coutts - Community Conservation
Peta and Jon Nott -  Wet Tropics Neighbour

2000 (12)
Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku  Rangers - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
George Patterson Bates-  Philanthropy
Bill Cooper (dec) -  Arts
C4 – Mission Beach - Community Conservation
Sue Fairley - Wet Tropics Neighbour
Mark Heaton - Government
Aila Keto - Conservation Advocacy
Virginia McGrath - Unsung Hero
Chris Rossi -  Rural Landholder
Max Shepherd - Nature Based Tourism
Geoff Tracey (dec) & Len Webb (dec) - Science / Conservation

2008 (12)
Leonard Andy - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Mike Berwick - Conservation
Daryl Dickson - Arts
Angela and Peter Freeman - Nature Based Tourism
Hambledon State School - Young Cassowary
Barbara Lanskey -  Community Conservation
Stella Martin - Government
Neville Simpson - Education
Linda Venn  - Unsung Hero
Walker Family Tours - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Dr Steve Williams - Science
Wonga Beach State School - Young Cassowary

2001 (8)
Alexandra Bay School -  Community Conservation
Sibby Bresolin - Government
George Davis (dec) - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Hazel Douglas (dec) - Nature Based Tourism
Sally Driml -  Science
Rosemary Hill - Conservation Advocacy
George Mansford - Unsung Hero
Peter Stanton - Science

2009 (10)
Kuku Yalanji Dreamtime Tours - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Oliver Schreiber (Wooroonooran Safaris) - Nature-based Tourism
John Beasley (dec) - Community Conservation
Keith McDonald - Government
Sandra Charlton - Education
Pam Tully - Unsung Hero
Prof. Nigel Stork & Prof. Steve Turton - Science
Mike Prociv - Arts
Peter Salleras - Wet Tropics Neighbour
Gordonvale State School (Excelsior Program) - Young Cassowary

2002 (8)
John Courtenay - Nature Based Tourism
Andrée Griffin (dec) - Arts
Graham Harrington -  Community Conservation
Tony Irvine (dec) - Science
Davey Lawrence (dec) & Girramay Elders - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Annabelle Olsson - Unsung Hero
Ernie Raymont & Ngadjon-Jii Elders - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
John Winter -Landholder

2010 (9)
Mike Trenerry - Arts
Tableland National Park Volunteers - Community Conservation
Tina Alderson - Government
Keith and Lindsay Fisher - Nature-based Tourism 
Suzanne Smith -  Neighbour & landholder
Prof. Richard Pearson - Science
John (dec) and Elaine Ridd - Unsung Hero
Vince Mundraby (dec) - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Feluga State School - Young Cassowary

2003 (8)
Dr Joan Bentrupperbaumer - Science
Ruth Berry - Arts
Russell Boswell -  Nature-based Tourism
Ruth Lipscombe (dec) - Community Conservation
Charles Morganson - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Rupert Russell - No category
Dr George Skeene OAM - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Janeene Wallwork - Neighbour

2011 (10)
Peter Ogilvie - Government
Alan Gillanders - Community Conservation
Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) -  Community Conservation
School of Field Studies - Education
Margaret Moorhouse - Unsung Hero
Margaret Freeman - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Peter Hitchcock  - Outstanding contribution
CSIRO Aust. Trop. Rainf.  Plants -  Science
Steven Nowakowski - Arts
Millaa Millaa State School - Young Cassowary

2004 (10)
Helen Adams (dec) - Unsung Hero
Maisie Barlow (dec) - Arts
Jax Bergersen - Community Conservation
Milton Brim (dec) - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Margit Cianelli -  Unsung Hero
Russell Fry -  Neighbour
Dr Mike Hopkins - Science
Terry and Cathy Maloney - Nature-based Tourism
Allen Sheather - Community Conservation
Bill Sokolich - Government

2012 (6)
Rhonda Brim - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Dave Hudson - Conservation
Keith Smith - Government
Helen Underwood - Education
Gordonvale State School and Gordonvale State High School (Excelsior Program) - Young Cassowary 

2005 (11)
Shayne Allanson -  Government
Willie Brim - Nature-based Tourism
Stanley Breeden - Arts
Daintree Discovery Centre -  Wet Tropics Neighbour
Dr Andrew Graham -  Science
Allison Halliday -  Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Bob Jago - Community Conservation
Victor Maund - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Jenny Maclean - Community Conservation
Steve Russell - Unsung Hero
Wonga Beach State School - Young Cassowary

2016 (8)

Kuranda Envirocare Conservation & Rehabilitation —Thorsborne Award for community conservation
Malanda Falls Visitor Centre - Tourism & presentation
Australian Quoll Conservancy - Innovation
Dr Miriam Goosem - Education
Jabalbina Ranger Program - Rainforest Aboriginal people—our country
Peter Rowles - Community champions
Douglas Shire Council—planning framework local government
JCU Sustainability Club - Young Cassowary Award
Chair's Award - Ron and Pam Birkett

2006 (9)
Bloomfield River State School - Young Cassowary Award
Marcus and Tiffanie Bulstrode - Wet Tropics Neighbour
Daintree Rainforest Foundation - Community Conservation
Dawn and Cliff Frith - Arts
Assoc. Prof. Betsy Jackes - Science
Deborah Pergolotti - Unsung Hero
Ravenshoe Visitor Centre - Conservation Education
Phil Rist - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture
Annie Wonga - Rainforest Aboriginal Culture






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