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Celebrating an icon

The cassowary has always been an iconic species of our Wet Tropics – even more so since the World Heritage listing of the Area in 1993.

Today the cassowary’s survival represents the challenges facing the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area in protection and rehabilitation of its vulnerable species and their habitats.

It’s no surprise then, that this emblem of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area has become synonymous with the work of the Wet Tropics Management Authority and our many community, industry and Aboriginal Rainforest partners as we strive together to protect and care for this special place we call home.

In recognition and celebration of this ancient species, the Wet Tropics Management Authority has strengthened its corporate identity with a revitalised cassowary logo and accompanying graphics and communications material.

As a coloured badge, logo or as a ghosted watermark, the cassowary emblem will continue to remind us of the irreplaceable values and rich biodiversity of our Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The Wet Tropics Management Authority logos (in various formats and reproductions) are available by contacting,au or by calling Patricia O’Loghlen on: 07 4052 0542 

The World Heritage emblem

The World Heritage emblem identifies the Outstanding Universal Value of properties inscribed on the World Heritage List.

The emblem visually represents a network of nearly one thousand universally outstanding places and the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention govern the use of the World Heritage emblem.

The Australian Government, currently though the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities (DSEWPaC), is the agreed national authority charged with managing the use of the emblem in Australia.DSEWPaC’s decision to approve use of the World Heritage emblem will be based on the World Heritage Convention’s Operational Guidelines instruction that it ‘should be linked strongly to the quality and content of the product with which it is associated...'

The main criterion for approval should be the educational, scientific, cultural, or artistic value of the proposed product related to World Heritage principles and values.’ The emblem should only be used in relation to World Heritage properties. Except when expressly authorised, it is not permissible for commercial entities to use the emblem directly on their own material to show their support for World Heritage.

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