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Regional ecosystems

Regional ecosystems are vegetation communities in a bioregion that are consistently associated with a particular combination of geology, landform and soil. The Regional Ecosystem Description Database lists the status of regional ecosystems as gazetted under the Vegetation Management Act 1999 (their Vegetation Management Status) and their Biodiversity Status as recognised by the Department of Environment and Heritage.


You can read more about regional ecosystems on the Environment and Heritage Protection web pages. Biodiversity status maps and maps of broad vegetation groups are also available online at this site.


You can read about Vegetation Management and clearing laws and mapping on the Natural Resources and Mines website.




Wetlandinfo offers a wide range of information and maps about wetlands in Queensland. Wetland maps include prepared maps as well as an interactive mapping system which allows you to search the data in the wetland inventory using a geographic information system (GIS).



e-Atlas is a partnership between many research providers in order to develop a portal to information about Australia’s tropical terrestrial and marine environments.

Queensland Globe

Queensland Globe is the latest mapping and data application from the Department of Natural resources and Mines. It is implemented inside the Google Earth™ application. As an interactive online tool, Queensland Globe allows you to view and explore Queensland maps, imagery (including up-to-date satellite images) and other spatial data.
The Queensland Globe is part of the Queensland Government's open data strategy.
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