Climate change


Environmental Crisis: Climate Change and Terrestrial Biodiversity in Queensland

Edited by A.K. Krockenberger, R.L. Kitching and S.M. Turton

A special report which arose through the provision of a grant from the Queensland Premier's Department to assist the Rainforest CRC in participating in the Global Canopy Program. A condition of the grant was to hold a forum to inform Queensland policy makers about forest canopy research and its implications for government environmental policies. Because recent research findings had identified climate change as one of the most critical issues facing our rainforests in the future, the forum focused on this issue.


The report includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Climate Change Responsibilities
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Terrestrial Biodiversity in Queensland
  • Terrestrial Ecosystems at Risk
  • Actions to Minimise the Effects of Climate Change on Terrestrial Biodiversity
  • Strategic Research Needs for Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change on the Terrestrial Biodiversity of Queensland
  • References

Climate change and terrestrial biodiversity in Queensland (650KB)


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