Road and powerline impacts


Impacts of roads and powerlines on the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, Stage 2

By Miriam Goosem and Steve Turton

Through the Wet Tropics Plan, a number of roads and tracks have been closed or have restricted access because of their potential impact on flora and fauna. As part of a consultancy for the Wet Tropics Management Authority, Rainforest CRC researchers have monitored these impacts on native flora and fauna and the spread of exotic weeds and other pest organisms for a number of years.

This report details the results of the first two years monitoring and includes an assessment of the impact of road/track closure/opening on the Wet Tropics, an assessment of road/track damage through increased use and indicators of impacts of road opening/closure for future monitoring.



  • The effect of canopy closure and road verge habitat on small mammal community composition and movements
  • Edge effects of roads and powerline clearings on microclimate
  • Edge effects of roads and powerline clearings on rainforest vegetation
  • Geochemical impacts on roadside soils in the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area as a result of transport activities
  • Vehicular noise disturbance in rainforest
  • Evaluation of overpasses as crossing routes for arboreal species
  • Road crossings by arboreal mammal species questionnaire
  • References
  • Appendices

Road and powerline impacts [1.6MB] 



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