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Wet Tropics visitor survey 2010

Sustainable Nature Based Tourism: Planning and Management, Report on Visitation and Use 2009 -2010

by Dr Julie Carmody and Professor Bruce Prideaux

A series of ten reports that examine visitor activity at sites within Wet Tropics rainforests. The aim of the research was to provide a snapshot of visitor activity to inform management on how sites are used and investigate visitors' views on site management. Visitor data was collected using a self-completed visitor survey. Collectively the series of reports will provide an overall understanding of how visitors use the rainforest and provide managers with feedback that can be used for site management and future planning.



Executive summary (4.2MB)
Barron Falls (3.2MB)
DubujiDaintree (4.3MB)
Emmagen Creek, Daintree (4.4MB)
Henrietta Creek (4.7MB)
KulkiDaintree (4.5MB)
Lake Tinaroo (4.5MB)
Mamu Rainforest Canopy Boardwalk (1.7MB)
Mossman Gorge (3MB)
Paluma (3.8MB)
Wallaman Falls (4.7MB)


Wet Tropics visitor survey 2002

Measuring and Monitoring Impacts of Visitation and Use in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area 2001/2002: A Site-based bioregional perspective

by Joan M Bentrupperbäumer and Joseph P Reser


This report provides an overview of ten individual Site-Level Data Reports generated for selected sites within the Wet Tropics known to attract high visitor numbers. Individual reports including comprehensive data sets have been produced for Mossman Gorge, Lake Barrine, the Crater, Barron Falls, Marrdja, Murray Falls, Henrietta Creek, Goldsborough Valley, and Big Crystal and Davies Creek.

Over and above these individual reports, the Site-based Regional Perspective report allows for an assessment and consideration of patterns, pressures and changes which transcend particular sites to provide a composite, more integrated picture of visitor impacts across the entire region.

The survey generated an enormous amount of data from 2780 questionnaires, 320 hours of vehicle and visitor monitoring,12 months of traffic counter data, detailed inventories of individual site layout, design, infrastructure, signage and incidental behavioural observations recorded during questionnaire administration. The questionnaire covered visitation patterns, visitor profiles, reasons for visiting, visitor perceptions of the natural, social and built environments, visitor satisfaction, experience and recreational opportunities, information and communication on site and prior information sources.


Measuring and Monitoring Impacts of Visitation and Use: A site-based perspective [3.9MB]
Barron Falls [3.9MB]
Big Crystal Creek [2.7MB]
The Crater [2.8MB]
Davies Creek [2.4MB]
Goldsborough Valley [2MB]
Henrietta Creek [2.3MB]
Lake Barrine [2.4MB]
Marrdja [2.3MB]
Mossman Gorge [2.8MB]
Murray Falls [3.3MB]


Visitor monitoring system

Visitor Monitoring System for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area - Volumes 1-3

by Robin F Wilson, Steve M Turton, Joan M Bentrupperbäumer and Joseph P Reser

The Wet Tropics Visitor Monitoring System (VMS) collates existing expertise and data to develop a robust, practical and cost-effective monitoring system for visitor sites. It incorporates both site monitoring and regional visitor monitoring and will be trialled in the field with tour operators and land managers.


Volume 1: Procedural manual [1.8MB]
Volume 2: Visitor monitoring process: from pre-destination to post-destination [1.4MB]
Volume 3: Case studies: Biophysical assessment [2.9MB]
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