Southern Wet Tropics

The southern parts of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area includes the rugged Paluma and Seaview Ranges which loom above the farming communities on the coastal plain.

This is the dry end of the tropics and the forests here are quite different to those in the north. The trees often have smaller leaves and hoop pines grow here rather than the kauri pines of the northern forests.

The World Heritage Area also includes magnificent stands of tall eucalypt forest and dry tropical open woodlands.

Enjoy this diversity when exploring the local walking tracks and waterholes. The southern Wet Tropics region also includes numerous spectacular waterfalls such as Wallaman Falls, Murray Falls and Blencoe Falls. Scenic drives and walks through state forest and national parks abound around the Cardwell and Ingham areas.


Spots of interest for your itinerary...

Frankland Island Group

Hinchinbrook Island

Tyto Wetlands Ingham

Wallaman Falls


Atherton and Evelyn tablelands


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Comprehensive regional park guides

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