Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program

The Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program provides ongoing professional development for tour guides, educators and other public-contact personnel in the tourism and education industries.  It is an open network of like-minded professionals and interested parties coming together to continually improve the interpretation of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Aims of the program

  • To build tourism industry knowledge of the World Heritage Area and its values and enhance visitor experiences.
  • To create networking, information and skill sharing opportunities for Wet Tropics stakeholders.
  • To build awareness of land manager and Aboriginal Traditional Owner protocols.

Who can join?

The Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program is open to anyone who has an interest in presenting the unique qualities and values of the Wet Tropic World Heritage Area. While tour guides are the main participants, many people have joined to find out about becoming a guide, or build their skills and enjoyment in roles such as coach driving, visitor information centre, hospitality and airport public contact, or teaching related secondary school programs. We welcome offers from tourism, researchers and other stakeholders to participate as presenters or partners in the program.  

Become a Wet Tropics Tour Guide

To become a certified Wet Tropics Tour Guide you must:

  • attend two full field schools (two-day events held annually in various locations)
  • complete 3 course units ('Developing Flora, Fauna Landscape Commentary', 'Presenting the World Heritage Area as a Cultural Landscape', and 'Prepare and Present Tour Commentaries') (delivered in conjunction with field schools)
  • undergo a field assessment of your knowledge and skills.

Upon completion, guides receive an official certificate and badge and they (and their employers) can promote their status as a certified Wet Tropics Tour Guide. Certified guides are acknowledged by the region’s tourism organisations as leading interpreters of the Wet Tropics, and are increasingly used for media escort roles, presentations to groups and other contact opportunities.

Field schools

Field schools are a series of professional development presentations, workshops, updates and familiarisations over two days. Newcomers to the industry, experienced guides and operators all find value in these two-day programs.   

For more information about upcoming field schools email info@savannah-guides.com.au to join the Wet Tropics Tour Guide mailing list.

Course workshops

Tour guides wishing to start or continue the process of becoming a certified Wet Tropics Tour Guide can sign up for workshops (usually held just before a field school) that cover the three key units and provides valuable resources.  

For more information about upcoming workshops email info@savannah-guides.com.au to join the Wet Tropics Tour Guide mailing list.

Field assessments

A field assessment of your skills is required to complete your Wet Tropics Tour Guide certification. This can be done in conjunction with your regular tours or alternative arrangements can be made.

Program partners

  • Wet Tropics Management Authority
  • Savannah Guides
  • Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC)
  • Tourism industry operators and attractions
  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
  • Regional and local tourism organisations and visitor information centres.

For more information about the program or to subscribe to the Wet Tropics Tour Guide mailing list contact Russell Boswell at info@savannah-guides.com.au or phone 0408 772 513.

Examples of presentations/content from previous field schools:

Online resources

Wet Tropics and Savannah Guides are continually building the online resources available to program participants.

You can download the Wet Tropics Tour Guide Handbook here.

Tropical Topics are a great resource for for interpretive themes and information on Wet Tropics habitats, flora and fauna. You’ll also find savannah topics in some later editions.

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What tour guides said about the program     

"Great bonding and networking, knowledge-sharing and learning event."

"An excellent opportunity to share ideas, information and contacts. The start of future development of Wet Tropics guides as individuals and of the guiding industry as a group."

“Ideal for fostering new relationships, discovering local products and developing new ideas and skills.”

“The workshop really enhanced my knowledge of initiatives right at our doorstep. Great investment.”

“A not to be missed opportunity to learn new skills, get inspired, broaden your guide-horizon and network with colleagues."

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