Vegetation mapping

What do the vegetation maps tell me?

The Wet Tropics vegetation maps include a description of the vegetation community including the structure of the vegetation as determined by dominant canopy trees.

Additional structural attributes including canopy height, macroclimates, topography and geology are also described.

Development of the vegetation maps  

Digitisation and data verification of the 1:50,000 vegetation of the Wet Tropics Bioregion was completed in February 2006. The mapping is the culmination of over eight years work and is the most comprehensive vegetation mapping ever undertaken in the region.  Some 4,000 aerial photographs representing 90,000 polygons were digitised and described. Both the mapping and reports have already become a valuable resource for planning and decision-making at regional, local and individual property levels.

The data was also used by the Queensland Herbarium to derive the certified Regional Ecosystem mapping for the Bioregion under the Vegetation Management Act 1999.

An interactive web based version of the vegetation mapping has been developed and copies are available to view and download on this website.

if you need further information about the Wet Tropics vegetation mapping or wish to obtain the data for the maps, please contact the Wet Tropics Management Authority via email.

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