World Heritage Area maps

The variety of maps below are available for download and use with appropriate acknowledgement to the Wet Tropics Management Authority.

They provide a range of information about the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area. Zoning maps and boundary maps are available on separate pages within the maps section on this site.



Location of WTQWHA in Australia (jpg - 45KB)

Location of WTQWHA in Queensland (jpg - 30KB)

WTQWHA - Our rainforest (pdf-2MB)

WTQWHA - General (pdf - 5MB)

WTQWHA within Local Government Areas 2014 [2MB]

Local Government Areas within the WTQWHA 2014 [1MB]

WTQWHA tenure - 2007 and 2011 maps (pdf - 1.3MB)

WTQWHA tenures - December 2013 map [pdf - 3.2MB]

Cassowary habitat map 2013  (pdf - 4MB)

WTQWHA boundary and conservation estate 2013 (pdf - 880KB)

Conservation Parks and Nature Refuges 2015 (pdf - 875KB)


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