30th Anniversary launch @ ECOfiesta

The Wet Tropics Management Authority launched its celebrations of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area’s 30th anniversary at ECOfiesta on Sunday 3 June.

The event was marked with the giveaway of 300 native rainforest trees, a range of activities and series of public conversations, which explored the rich history and biodiversity of the region, as well as the threats and opportunities ahead.

Executive director, Scott Buchanan, joined ABC Radio Far North's Fiona Sewell on-stage to discuss the significance of #WetTropics30.

He said: "Our 30th anniversary message is to encourage people to think about where we will be in next 30 years in terms of maintaining and sustaining the viability of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area for the future.

"As we face the challenges now and into the future, we want to promote shared management and protection of this amazing asset to the benefit of everyone."

Many thanks to Cairns Regional Council, ABC Radio Far North, former Cassowary Award recipients and all staff and directors for your support in launching the 30-year celebrations.

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30th Anniversary launch @ ECOfiesta

Published: 18th Jul 2018

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