A strategy for Australia's Heritage

The Australian Government announced the re-starting of the Australian Heritage Strategy as one of Australia’s key heritage priorities. 

Australia has a rich natural and cultural heritage that underpins our sense of place and national identity. Cultural and natural heritage contributes significantly to our national story and sense of who we are.

The aim of the Australian Heritage Strategy is to provide a framework for leadership, partnerships and community engagement.

It will support the work of individuals, organisations, and governments by providing a common direction for the recognition and protection of Australia’s heritage, and builds on the existing management arrangements for heritage.

The draft Strategy is built around a central vision of our natural and cultural heritage being valued by all Australians, protected for future generations and cared for by the community. The vision is supported by three overarching themes: national leadership; innovative partnerships; and community engagement.

If you would like to make a submission or learn more about this strategy, please see the Department of Environment’s website at http://www.environment.gov.au/heritage/publications/draft-heritage-strategy

Members of the public and heritage community are invited to comment on the draft Strategy. In particular, the Government is seeking comments on:

  • the proposed actions and relative priority that should be afforded to them; and
  • actions that will be taken by other participants in the heritage sector that can be incorporated into the Strategy so that it is reflective of our collective efforts.

This strategy was released by the Federal Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt on 14 April 2014. Comments close 9 June 2014.

A strategy for Australia's Heritage

Published: 08th May 2014

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