ACIUCN launch new website

The Wet Tropics Management Authority is a government agency member of the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).  
Along with many other roles in support of global nature conservation, IUCN plays a special role as an adviser to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.  This means that IUCN:
·         Evaluates sites nominated for inscription on the World Heritage List in relation to natural values
·         Monitors the conservation state of existing natural sites, working with a global network of member organizations
·         Trains and strengthens capacity of site managers, governments, scientists and local communities
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Australian members of IUCN have formed the Australian Committee for IUCN.  This brings together the 25 government and non-government IUCN members who work together to give effect to IUCN’s global goal of helping the world find pragmatic solutions to our most pressing environment and development challenges.
The Wet Tropics Management Authority is an active member of the Australian committee.  During 2012, the Authority partnered the Australian Committee for IUCN in the presentation of a national symposium in Cairns celebrating the 40th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention.
ACIUCN launch new website

Published: 01st Jul 2013

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