Action 1.1: Develop a climate change adaptation plan for the World Heritage Area and coordinate delivery of priority actions

The issue to be addressed

A solid body of work has been undertaken to date by many Wet Tropics stakeholders to understand current and future impacts of climate change on the World Heritage Area, and to enhance landscape resilience. However, a number of gaps still exist in our response, particularly:

  • how to apply more flexible principles and management approaches that will minimise negative change to the Area’s Outstanding Universal Value
  • moving thinking beyond ‘business as usual’ and identifying adaptation actions, associated timescales and resource implications
  • engage key stakeholders in a practical way that results in increased awareness of climate impacts, bio-cultural knowledge and action on the ground.

Action we will take

To address these gaps the Authority will:

  • develop, in collaboration with the community, a climate change adaptation plan for the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area
  • produce a final climate change adaptation plan by 2019, and support delivery of priority actions with our key collaborators. The goal is to be recognised as a national and global leader in adaptive management of a World Heritage property.

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