Action 1.2: Establish a biosecurity taskforce to coordinate strategies and responses to major biosecurity threats across the Wet Tropics

The issue to be addressed

Tropical North Queensland and the Wet Tropics are particularly susceptible to biosecurity incursions—the tropical climate offers favourable growing conditions for exotic tropical plants and animals. Despite this there is little coordination to tackle major biosecurity issues at a ‘whole of Wet Tropics’ scale. There is a need for a strategic approach to improve surveillance networks and systems and coordination of response mechanisms for incursions into the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area.

Action we will take

The Authority will:

  • advocate for and support the establishment of a biosecurity taskforce in collaboration with major land managers and relevant agencies to develop strategies to address major biosecurity incursions
  • dependant on resources, act as the secretariat and work with land managers to address priority issues and threats. Examples of these may include:
    • developing a response to Phytophthora and myrtle rust
    • assisting regional efforts to control feral pigs
    • coordinating responses to new and emerging weeds, pest animals and diseases that may impact upon the region’s biodiversity.

The biosecurity taskforce will need to work closely with Commonwealth and State biosecurity agencies, and link to appropriate systems (e.g. national biosecurity system) to ensure there will be no duplication of roles and responsibilities.

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