Action 1.4: Support the recovery of threatened species across the Wet Tropics

The issue to be addressed

The Wet Tropics has a high proportion of threatened species, many of which are also rare or endemic. They include some iconic species (such as the southern cassowary and the mahogany glider) but most of them are little known, particularly the plants, frogs and invertebrates. The high level of threatened species is related to the unique evolution of the flora and fauna in the Wet Tropics, as well as loss of habitat due to forest clearing and changes to water and fire regimes. Threatened Species Recovery Plans outline research and management actions to address the decline of these species. These plans are implemented by ‘recovery teams’—multi- stakeholder teams that combine efforts and resources to deliver plans for particular species. These teams require ongoing coordination and support in order to be successful, but not all are adequately supported.

Action we will take

The Authority will:

  • continue to support recovery teams as resources allow, including collaboration with Rainforest Aboriginal People who have cultural connections with some of these threatened species
  • continue to provide secretariat support to the Cassowary Recovery Team and Northern Bettong Recovery Team, and will seek further resources to assist other recovery teams on an ongoing basis.

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