Action 3.3: Deliver at least five high-profile education or awareness campaigns to influence attitudes and behaviour change

The issue to be addressed

The Authority needs to go beyond disseminating information and move towards influencing and then measuring behaviour change as part of our work to better manage and protect the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area. This may involve targeting new stakeholder groups (i.e. beyond the ones we commonly work with). Ambassadors and social media heroes may play an important role in successful education and awareness campaigns.

Action we will take

The Authority will:

  • develop and implement at least five major education or awareness campaigns over the next decade, with the aim of influencing attitudes and behaviour change of target groups to support outcomes for the World Heritage Area. Each campaign will:
    • establish a goal, identify target audiences and ambassadors if appropriate
    • develop concern, awareness and a specific call to action
    • provide information with simple and inspiring messaging that utilises strong visual storytelling and a physical element or exhibit
    • utilise social media networks and innovative multi-media
    • evaluate the impact and adapt the messaging as appropriate.

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