Action 3.4: Revitalise the Wet Tropics Youth Engagement Program

The issue to be addressed

Young people are the future managers of the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area. However, many young people are disconnected from nature due to increasing urbanisation and technology use. To encourage youth to be the next generation of conservationists, scientists, advocates, rangers, tour operators and politicians that look after our land and seascapes, we must target youth through methods and platforms they prefer to use (such as apps, online sharing, social media and youth-targeted activities). There is currently a myriad of resources available for youth to learn about plants, animals and landscapes but very few youth- targeted programs and resources on World Heritage, the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area, Rainforest Aboriginal People or protected areas.

It is important to optimise youth participation and connection with the World Heritage Area through innovative interpretation and youth leadership development. There is an opportunity for the Authority to learn from and collaborate with those people who know how to reach youth (e.g. youth themselves, educators, environmental education centres, ranger programs, universities, youth organisations and others). This will help us develop effective methods for increasing youth awareness and interest in the World Heritage Area, as well as facilitating their participation and leadership interests in World Heritage protection.

Action we will take

The Authority will:

  • develop strategies in partnership with the education and youth sector that encourage youth to understand, value, care for and become advocates and supporters of the World Heritage Area
  • develop and disseminate youth-friendly Wet Tropics World Heritage content to the education and youth sectors
  • support existing organisations and programs that promote participation of youth in caring for the World Heritage Area
  • through its workforce plan, ensure attraction of qualified young professionals to work with the Authority.

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