Action 4.1: Develop and promote a world-class Wet Tropics ‘brand’ to promote the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area as a natural and cultural tourism destination

The issues to be addressed

There is no coherent profile of the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area as a tourism destination and brand. Good branding involves the art of storytelling. It consists of developing and shaping story lines about why the World Heritage Area is special. A powerful brand helps communicate the meaning and significance behind the Area’s National Heritage values and World Heritage status. It helps build greater interest and involvement among residents and visitors, encourages return visitation and inspires ongoing efforts to present and conserve the Area.

Along with our partners, the Authority seeks to promote rich messages to profile the World Heritage Area and support partners to use the World Heritage brand consistently and widely in marketing and presentation projects.

Action we will take

The Authority will:

  • identify, develop and promote the brand story for the World Heritage Area in association with the tourism industry
  • investigate the need for certification or other requirements about how the tourism industry presents the brand
  • develop a dispersal strategy in line with the brand story to identify diversity in visitor experience opportunities and unique selling points for various locations throughout the World Heritage Area
  • in association with the tourism industry, QPWS, local government and Rainforest Aboriginal People, develop, install and maintain world-class information and interpretative materials, including signage, and through the use of new technologies and other innovative approaches
  • expand the advocacy role of the Authority to influence marketing strategies and campaigns developed by Tourism Australia and Tourism Events Queensland, to promote the World Heritage Area consistent with its nature-based presentation opportunities and values.

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