Action 4.2: Improving the visitor experience through immersion in the Wet Tropics story

The issue to be addressed

An essential component of World Heritage presentation for the Wet Tropics is ensuring that the key values and attributes of the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area are communicated clearly and effectively to ensure visitors can appreciate the story. Storytelling and quality interpretation are critical tools to help engage and inspire people. This in turn will result in ongoing support for the protection and management of the Area. The Wet Tropics has many incredible, unique stories to tell. It is important to ensure these stories are communicated consistently, clearly and in an engaging/interactive way to all visitors.

There is a lack of quality communication products about the Wet Tropics as a destination. However, there is considerable interest from industry and the community for the Authority to produce a range of communication products. The Authority’s website and social media channels, along with those of our key partners, provide an important vehicle for delivering these communication products. As many as 80% of visitors research their visit and prepare an itinerary before they arrive. This underlines the great value in investing in digital presentation formats including apps, eBooks and web pages. These platforms are highly mobile and can reach multiple audiences. They are also easily updated and shared to new audiences to support dispersal and as resources to enrich people’s experience of the World Heritage Area.

Action we will take

The Authority will:

  • seek out sponsorship and collaborative opportunities with the tourism industry to produce engaging and powerful interpretive products (e.g. seasonal calendar)
  • grow our partnerships with the private and public sectors, Rainforest Aboriginal People, tourism agencies, media, film and communication companies—supporting them to also become story-tellers and presenters of the World Heritage Area
  • explore the value and feasibility of a partnership with QPWS and the tourism industry to develop an ‘experience’ guide that presents and guides opportunities to explore the World Heritage Area, including, for example information about birding, mountain bike riding, long walks and wildlife encounters.

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