Action 4.3: Support capacity building for Wet Tropics champions—tour guides and hosts/ambassadors

The issue to be addressed

Capacity building is identified by the World Heritage Committee as the most cost-effective way to support World Heritage presentation. The Authority relies on and supports capacity building through a network of excellent, well-trained tour guides and volunteers. There is the opportunity to extend this support to a wider cohort of tourism and community hosts who can be supported through training to be partners in presentation.

Action we will take

The Authority will:

  • ensure that visitors have access to great experiences in the Area through World Heritage accredited and industry recognised Wet Tropics Tour Guides
  • continue to deliver the Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program in partnership with Savannah Guides to further develop tour guide confidence and competence to provide access to up-to-date, high standard and culturally appropriate information
  • review and develop core units of the Wet Tropics Tour Guide Program to meet World Heritage standards and the Authority’s accreditation
  • support Savannah Guides to extend the delivery of the Wet Tropic Ambassadors program to visitor information centre staff, volunteers, schools, community groups and the tourism industry
  • facilitate mentoring and broker support for Indigenous rangers aspiring to become tour guides and to emerging Rainforest Aboriginal tourism products focusing on presentation, including developing partnerships with potential investment partners.

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