Action 5.2: Undertake a renewed program of prioritised and strategic compliance

The issue to be addressed

The Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area currently experiences a range of activities that are not allowed under the Management Plan, such as illegal use of roads (causing damage to road surfaces, wildlife impacts, etc), collection of plants and animals, dumping of rubbish and illegal hunting using dogs and firearms. While agencies such as the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), local councils and the Authority provide ‘boots on the ground’ to undertake compliance, these resources are often stretched.

Action we will take

The Authority will:

  • develop a compliance plan/strategy to enable the Authority to work with other agencies and Indigenous rangers to boost compliance outcomes, and also public awareness
  • provide advice to QPWS staff and Indigenous rangers undertaking assessments for activities within the national park estate and when undertaking assessments for issuing permits to third parties as a permit entity under part 6 of the Management Plan
  • liaise with the Department of Environment and Energy on the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999, and other matters of national and international environmental and cultural significance.

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