Advisory committees to inform Wet Tropics board

Leading experts and industry leaders will play a critical role in protecting one of tropical north Queensland’s most valuable natural resources.


Wet Tropics Management Authority has reconvened two important committees to advise its board on key issues affecting the World Heritage-listed area.

The Scientific Advisory Committee [SAC] met this week in Cairns with the Community Consultative Committee [CCC] scheduled to sit next Thursday.

The Authority’s Executive Director Scott Buchanan says the board made it a priority to re-establish the committees which last met in 2014.

“The two committees tap into the wide breadth of knowledge in our community,” Mr Buchanan says.

“They provide invaluable advice and expertise to the board that reflects the views of Rainforest Aboriginal people, the community, local government, business, tourism and agricultural industries and researchers on matters related to the World Heritage area”

The eight members of the Scientific Advisory Committee embody a range of scientific expertise and knowledge, including traditional knowledge, relevant to the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and presentation of the Wet Tropics.

 “The SAC advises the Board on scientific research and developments that contribute to the protection and conservation of the Area,” Mr Buchanan says.

 “The members have a broad range of skills and represent disciplines that include biophysical, biocultural, economics, social sciences and nature based tourism and recreation sciences.”

The 12-member CCC represents a broad array of sectors within the Wet Tropics.

“Their views provide the Authority’s board with important feedback from the ground up relevant to World Heritage issues,” Mr Buchanan says.

 “The CCC includes two Rainforest Aboriginal members as well as individuals from the tourism, business and agricultural sectors, land managers, conservation groups, local government and the education industry.”

The CCC’s Chairperson is Board Director Anne Clarke while James Cook University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor and Board Director, Iain Gordon chairs SAC.   


To find out more about the committees, click on the links below.

Scientific Advisory Committee

Community Consultative Committee



Additional Background  


In June 2015 the Wet Tropics Ministerial Forum agreed to a process to re-establish the Wet Tropics Management Authority Board of Directors. Following their appointments, the board declared it a priority to reconvene its Scientific Advisory Committee and Community Consultative Committees.

Advisory committees to inform Wet Tropics board

Published: 10th Feb 2017

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