Aerial baiting for yellow crazy ants commenced

The baiting will cover forested areas behind Bentley Park, Mt Peter and in sugarcane fields at Edmonton.

Aerial treatments are expected to take approximately one week—weather permitting—and ground treatments will continue throughout December.

The Authority’s executive director, Scott Buchanan, said the baiting is part of an ongoing commitment to eradicate yellow crazy ants from the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and surrounds.

“The program continues to show strong results, with each survey showing that significant inroads are being made in terms of reduction in yellow crazy ant presence,” Mr Buchanan said.

“In the short term we expect to be able to announce eradication at specific sites, thanks in large part to community support via reporting ant sightings and volunteer assistance.”

The Authority advises residents that the helicopter will not conduct baiting directly over homes, but there may be instances where the pilot may approach within 100 metres of suburban property boundaries or rural buildings.

Residents are encouraged to contact the Wet Tropics Management Authority at or call 4241 0525 with any enquiries.

The control of yellow crazy ant infestations in and adjacent to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is supported through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme and the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

Yellow crazy ants are restricted biosecurity matter under the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Suspected yellow crazy ant sightings can be reported by contacting Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.


Media contact: Scott Buchanan 07 4241 0501, 0427 604 120

 About Yellow Crazy Ants

Yellow crazy ants are among the most invasive species found in the Wet Tropics. The exotic pest has invaded around 800 hectares of land in the region, including over 200 hectares of rainforest in and adjacent to the World Heritage Area. Rather than bite or sting, the ants spray formic acid to kill their prey, making them a danger to threatened endemic species in the Wet Tropics. The 5mm ants can kill much larger prey and often work in large numbers referred to as ‘super-colonies’.

Aerial baiting for yellow crazy ants commenced

Published: 06th Dec 2017

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