Aerial baiting for yellow crazy ants

Helicopter baiting to treat ant infestations in non-residential areas around Bentley Park, Mount Peter and Russett Park (Kuranda) will be taking place Thursday 25 and Friday 26 August (weather permitting) as part of the Wet Tropics Management Authority

The helicopter will spread granules of ant bait over cane farms and World Heritage rainforests where yellow crazy ants have invaded. The ants take the bait back to their nests where it interrupts the reproductive cycle, causing the collapse of colonies.

Monitoring teams will be on the ground to make visual observations of ants picking up baits. Funnel traps will be used to measure how much bait falls through the canopy in different vegetation types. 

This is the third round of aerial treatments in 2016 and is taking place around four weeks after the last round. Project manager Lucy Karger explains that “Trial results have shown follow-up baiting at this interval increases ant mortality and suppresses their populations for longer”.

“Our July baiting efforts have shown excellent results. Scientific monitoring shows decreases in ant densities and landholders are also reporting a dramatic drop. We saw similar results this time last year and we look forward to reporting a positive outcome from this four-week follow-up treatment”, Ms Karger added.

Wet Tropics Management Authority executive director Scott Buchanan said that the Authority is pleased to have obtained a commitment of $7.5M from the Australian Government and $3M from the Queensland Government to help fund the eradication program over the next three years. “The Authority will continue to work with its partners and the broader community to ensure yellow crazy ants are no longer a threat to the World Heritage Area and people’s quality of life in the Wet Tropics”.

For information about the eradication program and interviews contact:

Scott Buchanan
Executive Director
Wet Tropics Management Authority
P: 4241 0501
M: 0427 604 120

Lucy Karger
Project Manager
Wet Tropics Management Authority
P: 4241 0517
M: 0422 938 471

For more information about yellow crazy ants and the yellow crazy ant eradication program visit

Aerial baiting for yellow crazy ants

Published: 22nd Aug 2016

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