Track Summary:
  • Track name: Big Crystal Creek (Rockslides)
  • Area: South Tropics
  • Track Class: Graded Track
  • Type of walk: Return
  • Length: Short
  • Time: 30min
  • Distance: 1.00km
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Carpark
Activities & Interests:
  • Swimming
Track description:

If you are visiting the Paluma area, don't miss the Big Crystal Creek Rockslides. Just a short way up the road from the camping and day use facilities at Paradise Waterhole, you will find another great place to cool off. The track to the rockslides is short, with a steep grade at times. It takes about 10 minutes from the gate to reach this fun destination. There are plenty of smooth rocks for catching some sun along side a series of waterholes and natural waterslides. A series of short slides over slick mossy rocks shoot you down into lustrous pools. Excellent for cooling off on a hot summer day, the rockslides offer hours of amusement and relaxation. You will need to obtain a permit to camp overnight at Paradise Waterhole.

How to get there:

About halfway between Townsville and Ingham, turn inland off the Bruce Highway to Paluma. It is a approximately 5 kilometres to the turnoff to Paradise Waterhole. Follow the signs from there past Paradise Waterhole. The rockslides can be reached by parking at the locked gate and walking a few hundred metres to the start of the track going up the hill on your left.

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More information:

If you would like more information about Big Crystal Creek (Rockslides):

See the NPRSR website page for Mount Spec, Paluma Range National Park.

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