Board of Directors

The Wet Tropics Management Authority Board of Directors is established under the Wet Tropics World Heritage Protection and Management Act 1993. The Wet Tropics Ministerial Forum comprises the Commonwealth and Queensland Ministers with responsibility for the respective environment portfolios.

Board structure

The Board consists of seven directors, including an executive director. The Chair of the Board and an Aboriginal director are nominated by the Wet Tropics Ministerial Forum. Two directors are nominated by the Queensland Government and two by the Australian Government—Commonwealth legislation requires that at least one Australian Government nominee is an Aboriginal person. 

These six directors are appointed by the Queensland Governor-in-Council for a term of up to three years and serve on a part-time basis. The executive director of the Authority is a full-time, non-voting Board director. 

The Wet Tropics Board’s key function is to implement programs to meet Australia’s international obligations for the World Heritage Area under the World Heritage Convention. Persons are qualified for appointment as directors if they have qualifications or extensive experience in a field related to the Authority’s functions.

Board meetings

The Wet Tropics Management Authority Board generally meets quarterly. In addition to advice from the executive director, the Board receives advice from advisory committees and liaison groups that it appoints and through wider community engagement processes. 

Current members

The current Board was established in 2015. The executive director is Mr Scott Buchanan and Ms Leslie Shirreffs is the Chair of the Board. They are joined by Ms Leah Talbot, Ms Anne Clarke, Mr John Courtenay, Professor Iain Gordon and Mr Phil Rist.

WTMA  full Board 2016 
Photographer: WTMA/Campbell Clarke
                                                 WTMA Board of Directors in 2016 L-R: Anne Clark, John Courtenay, Leah Talbot, Phil Rist, Leslie Shirreffs, Iain Gordon, Scott Buchanan.

Wet Tropics Board minutes from 2009 to 2018.

Board no.102 January 2018
Board no.101 August 2017
Board no.100 May 2017
Board no.99 March 2017
Board no.98 December 2016 
Board no.97 August 2016 
Board no.96 May 2016
Board no.95 February 2016
Board no 94 December 2015
Board no.93 June 2013
Board no.92 February 2013
Board no.91 November 2012
Board no.90 August 2012
Board no.89 May 2012
Board no.88 March 2012
Board no.87 October 2011
Board no.86 August 2011
Board no.85 May 2011
Board no.84 March 2011
Board no.83 November 2010
Board no.82 August 2010
Board no.81 May 2010
Board no.80 March 2010
Board no.79 November 2009
Board no.78 August 2009

Wet Tropics Board Communiqués from 2015 to 2018.

Board no.104 June 2018
Board no.103 March 2018
Board no.102 January 2018
Board no.101 August 2017
Board no.100 May 2017
Board no.99   March 2017
Board no.98   December 2016
Board no.97   August 2016
Board no.96   May 2016 
Board no.95   February 2016
Board no.94   December 2015

Wet Tropics Ministerial Forum No 27 Communiqué  July 2017

Wet Tropics Ministerial Forum No 26 Communiqué November 2016


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