Call for nominations for the 2019–2022 SAC and CCC

We are once again calling for nominations for our two key advisory committees; the Community Consultative Committee (CCC) and the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).

These two committees are instrumental in ensuring that our board receives the best possible advice about community attitudes and the latest scientific knowledge essential to the best management of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The CCC is comprised of members across a variety of sectors and communities of interest who contribute their views and provide advice to the Authority’s board on World Heritage issues. We are seeking individuals who are well connected within their network, communicate effectively and who have a good knowledge of protection and presentation of the Area.

The SAC is comprised of members of the scientific community with knowledge across natural (terrestrial), marine, social, cultural, bio-cultural and economic disciplines. Membership will include persons with knowledge and expertise relating to traditional science and Rainforest Aboriginal cultures.

Committee members for both the CCC and the SAC are appointed for a three-year term. The committees will meet separately a minimum of three times a year with most meetings held in Cairns.

More information and nomination packs are available on the Authority’s website: 
-    Scientific Advisory Committee
-    Community Consultative Committee

We encourage you to apply and look forward to receiving nominations.

Any queries, please contact us on 4241 0500.

Nominations close at COB on Monday 18 November.

Call for nominations for the 2019–2022 SAC and CCC

Published: 31st Oct 2019

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