About the Cassowary Awards

First held in 1999, the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Cassowary Awards are the only awards program in Australia to recognise community contributions to World Heritage management. They celebrate and support the outstanding contributions made towards the conservation and presentation of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The Authority has long recognised that effective and successful caring of our Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is no easy or short-term task. To this end, the Cassowary Awards seek to recognise exceptional conservation and presentation efforts from a diverse range of individuals, groups and organisations including farmers, conservationists, students and educational bodies as well as scientists, artists and tourism operators.

Nominees and recipients all share the same commitment—a passion for this special place and a desire to ensure its continued protection. For many, it’s a passion to which they have dedicated their lives.

Saying 'thank you'

The Cassowary Awards are an exciting opportunity to learn more about the cutting edge of World Heritage protection and say ‘thank you’ to those on the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area's front lines.  Public awareness and appreciation of the work of award recipients in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area inspires others to build on a growing legacy of generosity and commitment in the Wet Tropics region.

The 20th Cassowary Awards will be held in late 2024.

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