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The Cassowary Awards are a wonderful opportunity to recognise and celebrate outstanding individuals, groups or organisations who have made exceptional contributions to the protection and presentation of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. 

Champions of the Wet Tropics can be found anywhere. They can be children, your neighbour or even an organisation. If someone you know has made a positive difference to the Wet Tropics, nominate them today.

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Where a previous recipient of a Cassowary Award is nominated, contributions and achievements will be considered if:

  • They are of a different nature to those recognised by the previous Award. In this case, such contributions and achievements could have occurred prior to receiving the previous Award and may or may not have continued up to date.
  • They are a continuation of contributions and achievements recognised by the previous Award. However, only the contributions and achievements made since receiving the previous Award will be considered.

In relation to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and its values, how does the nominee demonstrate excellence in their field?

How long has the nominee been working in their field of interest?

How does the nominee demonstrate creativity, innovation and leadership?

What were the challenges faced by the nominee in reaching their achievements and, if any, how did they overcome these challenges?

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