Information for Kids about Cassowaries

Kids are often fascinated and intrigued by large and unusual looking creatures, and the cassowary is no exception! Did you know that it is the male cassowary who is solely responsible for incubating the eggs and raising the chicks?  Or that cassowaries can live for up to 40 years in the wild?

At the Wet Tropics Management Authority we know that kids are thirsty for knowledge about the world around them and are keen to undertake projects that connect them to the outdoors. As a result, we have developed several resources to encourage learning about the iconic cassowary. 

The Cassowary Education Kit is an outcomes based unit for students from grade 5 - 7 and includes a series of fun and informative Activity Sheets.  

Cassowary Sitting
Photographer: M'Lis Flynn

FREE Cassowary Education Kit

Cassowary ED kit
Cassowary Activity Sheet

Kids (and adults!) can also further their knowledge by checking out the Tropical Topics newsletter focussed solely on the cassowary!

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