Climate Adaptation Plan for the Wet Tropics 2020–2030

'Accept, Act, Adapt' is the simple three word call for action to help to build the resilience of one of the world’s oldest tropical rainforests from the increasing impacts of a changing climate.

Like many World Heritage Areas around the world, climate change poses a real threat to the Wet Tropics, and impacts include increased risks from bush fires, more intensive cyclones and periods of unprecedented high temperatures. Some iconic mountain-top species, such as the lemuroid ring-tail possum, are in danger of localised extinction if temperature rises continue as projected.

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area contains some of the world’s oldest continuously surviving tropical rainforests, and is recognised for its exceptional biodiversity, including plants and animals that live nowhere else.

It is worth protecting, and the Authority's Climate Adaptation Plan aims to do just that in the face of increasing impacts from climate change.

Wet Tropics Management Authority

Climate Adaptation Plan for the Wet Tropics 2020–2030 

(PDF, 2.5MB)

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