Climate change and rainforest fires

In early October the ABC’s 7.30 ran a story on rainforests and bushfires. Historically, rainforests tend not to burn—as the name implies, they are simply too wet.

But the recent devastating bushfires in south-east Queensland, Cape York's Kutini-Payamu (Iron Range) National Park and within the Wet Tropics near Silkwood were so severe, they did encroach on areas of rainforest that are not usually threatened.

This story illustrates how vulnerable our magnificent Wet Tropics World Heritage Area is to hotter, drier weather brought on by climate change.

The Authority’s role is to protect, preserve and present the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area through an effective management plan by engaging with the community. In the Wet Tropics this critically includes Rainforest Aboriginal Peoples whose use of ancient fire and land management techniques has shaped the landscape of this region.

In the face of increasing impacts from climate change, we have just finalised our ‘Accept, Act, Adapt: Climate Adaption Plan for the Wet Tropics, 2020–2030’.

Watch the full 7.30 story here: Fire and Rainforest.

Climate change and rainforest fires

Published: 12th Nov 2019

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