Climate change impacts the world's oldest rainforests



Climate change impacts the world’s oldest rainforests

–time for action to protect the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area
Launch of the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Climate Adaptation Plan 2020-2030

12 November 2019

“Accept, Act, Adapt” is the simple three word call for action to the community to help to build the resilience of the world’s oldest rainforests from the increasing impacts of a changing climate.

The Wet Tropics World Heritage Area contains the world’s oldest rainforest, and is recognised for its exceptional biodiversity, including plants and animals that live nowhere else.

However, like many World Heritage Areas around the world, climate change poses a real threat to the Wet Tropics, and impacts include increased risks from bush fires, more intensive cyclones and periods of unprecedented high temperatures. Some iconic mountain-top species, such as the lemuroid ring-tail possum, are in danger of localised extinction if temperature rises continue as projected.

These impacts are driving action to protect the biodiversity and natural values of this magnificent area.

The Wet Tropics Management Authority has prepared the “Accept, Act, Adapt - Wet Tropics Climate Adaptation Plan 2020-2030” outlining specific actions needed to manage natural systems in the Wet Tropics to support their adaptation to climate change.

The Climate Adaptation Plan is founded on the need to accept that biodiversity and ecosystems—and the services they provide—are already changing and will continue to change. The Plan embodies the imperative that we act strategically, together and immediately. Finally, the Plan sets out tangible steps to build the resilience of the Wet Tropics’ natural systems, cultures, communities and economies.

On Thursday 14 November Ms Leslie Shirreffs, chair of the Board , will be joined by fellow directors and representatives of the Yirrganydji and Gimuy Walubara Yidinji First Nations, to formally launch the Climate Adaptation Plan, at the Visitors Centre, Cairns Botanic Gardens from 9.30 am.

For further information contact:
Al Harris 0409658177

The Wet Tropics Management Authority
The Wet Tropics Management Authority’s role is to protect the outstanding universal value of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area in accordance with the World Heritage Convention and as required under relevant Commonwealth and State legislation.

Climate change impacts the world's oldest rainforests

Published: 13th Nov 2019

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