Community and researchers join forces to help protect the Wet Tropics

Newly appointed members of both the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Community Consultative Committee and the Scientific Advisory Committee met for the first time on 15 December to learn more about their role in supporting the Wet Tropics Management Authority Board.

The Community Consultative Committee comprises of members from a range of sectors or communities of interest, who advise the Board of community views on the Authority’s policies and programs in relation to the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. They also provide advice to the Board on relevant World Heritage issues. 
The function of the Scientific AdvisoryCommittee is to advise the Board on scientific research and developments that will contribute to the protection and conservation of the Area. Membership is based on scientific expertise and knowledge and includes disciplines spanning biophysical, biocultural, ecomonics, social sciences and nature based tourism/recreation sciences.
Through cross-sectoral discussion and collaboration the Committee aims to contribute to creative and innovative solutions to complex management challenges while ensuring that Australia’s World Heritage obligations are met.
Members on both committees are appointed for a three year term and will meet a minimum of two times a year.
Find out more about the Community Consultative Committee and its members here.
Find out more about the Scientific Advisory Committee and its members here.
Community and researchers join forces to help protect the Wet Tropics

Published: 16th Dec 2016

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