Community Consultative Committee 

Community Consultative Committee members are appointed by the Wet Tropics Management Authority Board. 

The Wet Tropics Management Authority's Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026
Photographer: WTMACommittee members contribute their views and provide advice to the Wet Tropics Management Authority’s Board on relevant World Heritage issues.

The Committee comprises of individuals who have relevant sector or community networks. The committee holds diverse knowledge of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, is involved in community issues and has the capacity to be the conduit for information flow between the community and the Authority. 

Pictured: the Community Consultative Committee for 2023–2026
Back: Sarah Hoyal, Tamara Scenna, Steven Nowakowski, Gavin Singleton
Front: Sarah Rizvi, Margaret Freeman, Dr Sally Driml, Lucy Graham
Absent: Boyd Lenne

2023–2026 Community Consultative Committee 

Wet Tropics Management Authority

Dr Sally Driml 

Chair of the Community Consultative Committee 

Wet Tropics Management Authority Board Director 

Dr Sally Driml has a strong background and experience in policy and economics applied to environmental management, eco-tourism and protected areas. She is currently an honorary senior lecturer and researcher at the University of Queensland. 

Dr Driml has more than 30 years of varied experience researching and working across issues such as climate change, protected area management and  tourism in the Wet Tropics region and other significant areas in Queensland and Australia. She has strong industry links and takes a proactive and collaborative approach. 

Elliot Dunn, member of the Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026
Photographer: WTMAElliot Dunn 

Elliot Dunn’s passion for the native flora and fauna of the Wet Tropics and protection of the World Heritage Area led him to undertake an undergraduate degree in Sustainability and Ecology at James Cook University in Cairns.

Currently a field ecologist with Australian Wildlife Conservancy, Elliot has experience in sustainability, environmental management, community engagement, and applied conservation.

Elliot’s belief that the species and ecosystems within the Wet Tropics possess an intrinsic value motivates him to make a meaningful contribution to the future of the World Heritage Area. He has strong community ties to the region and is passionate about the impacts of climate change.  

Margaret Freeman, member of the Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026
Photographer: WTMAMargaret Freeman

Margaret Freeman is a Jirrbal Traditional Custodian and is well respected within her tribal group and community. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise in cultural heritage, traditional knowledge and on-Country programs as well as historical understanding of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Margaret was one of the founding members of the Aboriginal Negotiating Team in the Interim Negotiating Forum that started the discussions for recommendations in the Wet Tropics Regional Agreement.

Margaret currently works with the Tablelands Community Justice Group as the Bama Women’s Group Project Officer and is a member of the Interim Southern Tablelands Local Decision Making Body.  

Lucy Graham, member of the Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026Lucy Graham

Lucy Graham has been the Director of the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre (CAFNEC) since August 2019 and has been associated with the organisation since 2014. She has previously worked in adventure tourism and with organisations like The Wilderness Society and GetUp.

Growing up locally, Lucy has strong and enduring community connections across the region. With a sustainability and social science background, she has a passion for environmental and climate justice that empowers First Nations people and communities plus a passion to protect and enhance Australia’s protected areas.

Sarah Hoyal, member of the Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026
Photographer: WTMA

Sarah Hoyal 

Sarah Hoyal has more than 20 years’ experience as an environmental and social science professional, in Australia and internationally. Working in Far North Queensland (where she was born and raised) over the last 15+ years, she is passionate about ensuring the region has a strong and resilient future, with Rainforest Aboriginal Peoples and the local community playing a central role.

Sarah has significant governance experience on various Boards and was Chair of the Authority’s Conservation Sector Liaison Group from 2009–2012.

As Biodiversity & Climate Leader at Terrain NRM, Sarah is guiding the development of new investment approaches and has built global connections through the COP15 conference in Montreal and World Economic Forum initiatives.

Boyd Lenne, member of the Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026

Boyd Lenne 

Boyd Lenne is a passionate regeneration ecologist who has guided Treeforce Cairns as President for over a decade.

Boyd is Cairns TAFE's principal trainer for conservation, and has worked extensively with Indigenous ranger groups and mainstream enrolments throughout northern Queensland since 2011. He aims to foster knowledge-sharing opportunities and collaboration between regional peak bodies in his work with Treeforce and TAFE.

With university degrees and diplomas spanning environmental science, sustainability, education and construction, Boyd is a broad-based industry expert.

Boyd loves the Wet Tropics and his roles in environmental education, enabling young people to make a difference in their world.

Steven Nowakowski, member of the Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026
Photographer: Steven Nowakowski

Steven Nowakowski 

Steven Nowakowski is a committed environmentalist who has spent decades campaigning for the protection of areas adjacent to and within World Heritage Areas.

Steven considers himself a grass roots activist and is involved with many community campaigns and environmental organisations. He expresses his love for wild places through photography, which he considers a crucial tool to showcase the importance of such places.

Over years of campaigning, Steven has made life-long connections with Traditional Owners, community groups and conservation organisations. He believes his passion and commitment combined with his networking skills can connect the community with conservation outcomes.

Sarah Rizvi, member of the Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026
Photographer: WTMA

Sarah Rizvi 

Sarah Rizvi currently leads the Community Partnerships team at Gulf Savannah NRM, overseeing communications, Indigenous engagement, NRM planning and several community projects.

Sarah is a committee member of Kuranda Envirocare and has experience in the conservation movement, eco-tourism, strategic planning, local government and NRM sectors. She has a strong affinity with the Wet Tropics, and interest in its relationship to social, cultural and economic values and systems.

A strong believer in community-based conservation, Sarah aims to realise opportunities for resource sharing, project partnerships and a culture of collaboration with the ultimate aim of protecting and enhancing our amazing environment.

Tamara Scenna, member of the Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026
Photographer: WTMA

Tamara Scenna 

Tamara Scenna is co-founder and manager of a tourism accommodation business in the Wet Tropics—Daintree Siesta. Tamara and her family moved to the Daintree from Sydney with the goal of running a tourism business that encourages people to connect with nature and each other in positive ways. 

Tamara gets involved in local revegetation and beach clean-ups, and is currently Chair of the Daintree Marketing Co-op which aims to facilitate tourism in the greater Daintree region.

Working collaboratively to achieve positive social and environmental impacts is key to Tamara’s approach—she is looking forward to utilising her diverse skillset for the good of the community and environment.

Gavin Singleton, member of the Community Consultative Committee 2023–2026
Photographer: WTMA

Gavin Singleton 

Gavin Singleton currently manages the Yirrganydji Land and Sea Ranger Program for the Dawul Wuru Aboriginal Corporation. He is connected to Yirrganydji/Djabugay Peoples, Umpila People and Kalkadoon People.

Gavin is a passionate cultural, environmental and community development practitioner and is respected for his approach and knowledge. He recently graduated from Curtin University with Honours in Applied Science.

Drawing on his traditional and scientific knowledge, Gavin has presented at global events including the UN Climate Change Conference in Poland, the UN Oceans Conference in New York, the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress in Australia, the COP-11 Convention on Biological Diversity in India, and as a TEDx JCU Cairns speaker.

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