Do you fancy yourself as an insect photographer?

North Queenslanders are invited to enter their best insect images in the Stamp Out Tramp Ants Insect Photography Contest for the chance to win some great prizes and have their images featured in an exhibition at the Tanks Arts Centre (28 June 2013). 

Go to for the contest rules and entry form. The website also features useful links to help you identify and photograph insects.

The contest is being held to raise awareness of electric and yellow crazy ants and help reduce the spread and impact of these nasty little pests. Known collectively as “tramp ants” because of their tendency to hitch a ride with people and spread rapidly, they are among the world's 100 most invasive species.

 In areas colonised by tramp ants, they completely replace native ants and other insects, reducing biodiversity, disrupting ecological processes, and decreasing agricultural productivity.

They can also harm humans, pets, and livestock. Tramp ants pose a serious threat to the outstanding biodiversity, outdoor lifestyle, and agricultural and tourism industries of the Wet Tropics.

Dr Alice Crabtree, Regional Manager, Conservation Volunteers explains “We have over 40,000 species of insects in the Wet Tropics. We love our bug life and don’t want it to disappear, so we thought an insect photography contest would be a fun way to raise awareness of tramp ants and the harm they can do.

You don’t need to be a camera enthusiast with fancy equipment – we just want you to get out into the garden or the rainforest with your cameras or mobile phones, and send us your best pictures of insects in the Wet Tropics!”

 Images of insects must have been taken in the Wet Tropics region. People can enter up to three photos and prizes will be awarded in four categories:

 1. Children (under 14)

2. Young Adult (14-17)

3. Adult (18+) compact / mobile cameras

4. Adult (18+) SLR cameras

The judging panel will include staff from Conservation Volunteers, the Wet Tropics Management Authority, and Biosecurity Queensland, and acclaimed local wilderness photographer Steven Nowakowski.

 Winners and runner-up prizes include: family passes to the Daintree Discovery Centre, $50 vouchers from Garrick’s Camera House, Ant Raider sculptures, certificates, and wildlife field guides. Finalists will be invited to attend the launch of an exhibition featuring their photographs at the Tanks Arts Centre on 28 June 2013, and photographs will also be featured on the contest website.

 Stamp Out Tramp Ants is a collaborative project between Conservation Volunteers, Biosecurity Queensland, and the Wet Tropics Management Authority, with funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country programme.

Suspected sightings of tramp ants should be reported to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 or contact Conservation Volunteers to arrange a visit to your property on 0428 828 927. 

Do you fancy yourself as an insect photographer?

Published: 21st May 2013

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