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The Wet Tropics Management Authority has  a  culture  which  values  results,  professional  growth,  workforce  diversity  and  a  healthy  balance  between  work  and  life  commitments.  

Our employees are  actively  encouraged  and  supported  as  individuals and  given  access  to  a  range  of  flexible  work  practices,  learning  and  development  opportunities and  study  assistance.

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There are no current vacancies. 

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The Wet Tropics Management Authority is committed to mentoring and providing experience to undergraduate and postgraduate interns to assist in achieving their career goals and, hopefully, contribute to the future of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Interns have made a valuable contribution to the Authority, and as such we are committed to planned, supported and appropriately managed arrangements in conjunction with our partner universities. 

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The Wet Tropics Management Authority does not currently offer volunteer opportunities aside from planned internship opportunities to tertiary students. 

Many organisations in the Wet Tropics offer a variety of opportunities for volunteers. Visit our volunteering page to find out more.

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