Enriched experiences through enriched understanding

There is no disputing the incredible richness, diversity and wonder of our Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.


How do we guarantee wide-spread access to this magnificent icon and ongoing enjoyment of a world-class nature refuge and tourism destination in ways that will ensure future generations also benefit?

The Wet Tropics Management Authority (Wet Tropics) ensures sustainable access, enjoyment and appreciation of the World Heritage Area by promoting conservation and understanding of this irreplaceable asset. Wet Tropics does this through key partnerships and a range of initiatives that involve communities and the public.

International recognition...

Wet Tropics advocates with local, national and international tourism agencies to promote World Heritage values of the region as a world-class destination. Wet Tropics collaborated closely with the tourism industry to have the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area listed as a National Landscape and to develop a tour guide training course for tour operators who were committed to increasing their knowledge on the World Heritage Area and in delivering high standard presentations to visitors. 

Wet Tropics values and respects the connections that Rainforest Aboriginal people have to the World Heritage Area and works closely with Rainforest Aboriginal groups to develop sustainable natural and cultural tour opportunities.

Communicating about the World Heritage Area to the public and partners through effective branding is a priority. World Heritage Visitor Information Centres around the region disseminate and interpret a wealth of material about what you can see and do in the World Heritage Area. Communication products being produced by Wet Tropics reinforce the exceptional quality of learning experiences the World Heritage Area offers to visitors and the significance of World Heritage to our lives.

A shared responsibility...

Through partnerships with land owners and managers, local communities, regional councils, traditional owners, conservation groups, and the scientific community,
Wet Tropics is able to support conservation and management of resources in and around the World Heritage Area. Formal and informal structures allow Wet Tropics to engage across all sectors of the World Heritage Area's communities.

Community organisations have an important role in mobilising people to get things done and Wet Tropics supports and acknowledges the contributions that communities make to species protection, rehabilitation of the World Heritage Area landscape and in presentation of its values. 

Wet Tropics also recognises individual contributions that people make to the well being and integrity of the World Heritage Area. The Cassowary Awards is a well known annual event held by Wet Tropics with support of its partners, that celebrates the unsung heroes of our region.

A living connection...

Wet Tropics  ensures that people around the world connect to the World Heritage Area through meaningful learning experiences, and that the regional community gain economic benefits from the opportunities made available by hosting and managing such an iconic attraction and learning landscape. 

Wet Tropics collaborates with research institutions and schools to harness and disseminate the wealth of information available from the World Heritage Area landscape.

Wet Tropics produces informative products which inspire and facilitate learning. As communication channels go more digital, Wet Tropics is also using interactive technology to communicate key messages and experiences.

A sustainable approach... 

Conservation, research, tourism and community partnerships form the foundations for ensuring the sustainable access, enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of our Wet Tropics World Heritage Area. By promoting a high quality, world-class, and unforgettable experience for explorers of the Wet Tropics region, Wet Tropics ensures the continued support for protection and appreciation of the World Heritage Area.

Interaction between people and the World Heritage Area will continue to bring benefits on both sides. Wet Tropics facilitates this positive relationship and seeks to enrich both the human, natural and cultural landscapes; all integral for the survival of one of Australia's greatest treasures. 

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