Exploring the Area

From the Daintree rainforests to the Tablelands and south to the Cassowary Coast, the Wet Tropics delivers an entrancing, intriguing destination for those who seek exceptional experiences in nature.  Here, two World Heritage masterpieces meet: the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef, offering spectacular scenery and diverse array of plants, animals, gorges, walks, waterfalls, mountains beaches and mangrove marine environments. 

Within this landscape reside the oldest continuously surviving tropical rainforests and many rare and threatened specie found nowhere else on earth.  A living exhibition, the W Tropics tells the story of how plants and animals have evolved on earth over at least 140 million of years.

There are also Rainforest Aboriginal tribal groups who have an ongoing connection to the Wet Tropics dating back 40,000 years making them the oldest living rainforest culture on earth.  One of the best ways to explore the region is to go with a Rainforest Aboriginal guide. 

The Wet Tropics is one of the best places to experience the very best Australian Indigenous products.  The area is branded as Timeless experiences, where  people  Aboriginal guides can help connect visitors and local to this special landscape through their stories rainforest and reef the past and the present mankind and nature.  

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