Global spotlight on participatory modelling

The Mandingalbay Yidinji participatory three dimensional modelling project (P3DM) is once again in the international spotlight by featuring in the latest IUCN newsletter ‘Protecting the Planet’.

The strong focus of the P3DM project in the IUCN publication highlights the appeal of the participatory modelling approach across all nations. The P3DM process facilitated the engagement of Rainforest Aboriginal communities from elders to the youths. It provided a physical and tangible medium for Traditional Owners to share their cultural knowledge with their people, other Rainforest Aboriginal tribal groups and the wider community.

A short video has also been created about the project. The video was facilitated by the Authority in partnership with the Djunbunji Land and Sea Program as part of the IUCN GEF-IPAs (Global Environment Fund – Inspiring Protected Areas Solutions).

The video shows the intimate historical and cultural heritage links that Traditional Owners have to their landscape and how the P3DM project helped an Indigenous community reconnect and share knowledge. The Authority’s role in the facilitation of the project highlights effective engagement with Traditional Owners.

The video will become part of the international P3DM world-wide network that documents the journey taken by Traditional Owners in other countries. It will also feature on the ‘Living Knowledge Place’ website – a community driven educational site that showcases Aboriginal culture and heritage from around Australia.

Watch the P3DM video here.

Read the full article from the IUCN newsletter ‘Protecting the Planet’ here.

Global spotlight on participatory modelling

Published: 16th Apr 2015

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