How to grow a forest - with comics

The Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU-CMU) based at Chiang Mai University in Thailand has published a comic book to teach children about rainforest rehabilitation.

The FORRU-CMU is a small team of ecologists and research students based in the Science Faculty of Chiang Mai University who carry out research to develop efficient methods to restore tropical forest ecosystems for biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and carbon storage.

The comic called ‘Grow a Forest with Lin and Sai’ was drawn by Kate Downes, a freelance illustrator living and working in London. Kate came across the project whilst working at Art Relief International who is a partner organisation with FORRU-CMU.

The characters in the comic are based on real people that live in the village of Ban Mae Sa Mae where FORRU-CMU set up its first experimental restoration plots - about an hour’s drive north from Chiang Mai.

The comic book doesn’t shy away from the complexities of rainforest restoration and touches on subjects such as assisted natural regeneration, framework species, choosing suitable restoration sites and encouraging animal vectors to help forest regeneration.

Wet Tropics staff received a copy of the comic at the recent Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) conference that was also attended by members of the FORRU-CMU.

Learn more about FORRU-CMU and its projects here.

How to grow a forest - with comics

Published: 05th Aug 2014

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