Implementation approach

Delivering Actions through Partnerships

The Wet Tropics Strategic Plan 2020-2030 (the Strategic Plan) is delivered through partnerships with the Wet Tropics community. Under each action, the Authority has identified the issue to be addressed, possible actions, and the Authority's likely role in delivering actions. The Strategic Plan has not identified specific partners and delivery arrangements – this will be identified over the life of the Plan, depending upon interest of partners, timing of opportunities, and availability of resources. We encourage Wet Tropics stakeholders to review the Strategic Plan and contact us if any actions are of interest to you.

Resources to deliver the Wet Tropics Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan will be delivered through a combination of existing resources, and additional resources that will need to be secured over the life of the Plan. The Authority currently receives 5 yearly cycles of funding from the Commonwealth Department of Environment and Energy to ensure Australia meets its commitments under the World Heritage Convention. The current funding cycle is 2018-2023. The Queensland Government provides additional complementary funding, which is used to directly fund operational land management across the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area, mainly through the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. The Authority will be seeking to secure ongoing funding from the State and Commonwealth, particularly through demonstrating timely and effective delivery of Actions and outcomes in the Strategic Plan.

Additional resources will be identified through Government (Federal and State) and non-government sources. Government funding may be through budget allocations, grants, or in-kind. In many cases, the Authority may play the role of securing resources for partners to deliver Actions, or sub-components of Actions directly. Examples of specific grant funding sources include:

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