Indigenous Advisory Committee

Indigenous Advisory Committee - calling for Expressions of Interest

The Wet Tropics Management Authority and Terrain NRM have identified a critical need for a coordinated approach to ensure the rights, interests and priorities of Rainforest Aboriginal Peoples are included in the delivery of organisational plans, policies and programs at a strategic level.

The Boards of both organisations have approved a proposal to establish a skills-based committee to advise on the strategic and operational priorities across the Wet Tropics Biocultural Region. The IAC are not expected to be representative and will not replace any existing committees. The Boards and the organisations will continue to engage with Rainforest Aboriginal Peoples on issues that matter to them as we do now.

Please direct any queries to Alicia Haines, Principal Project Officer at or 0448 592 683.

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Indigenous Advisory Committee Q and A

Indigenous Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

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