Insect photographers help protect the Wet Tropics

Some of the region’s wildlife photographers will have their talents on show at the Tanks Arts Centre in Cairns from 28 June 2013.

At 2pm today winners of the “Stamp Out Tramp Ants Wet Tropics Insect Photography Contest” will be announced. The Tanks Art Centre will also launch an exhibit of these colourful and vibrant entries.

The insect photography contest was held to raise awareness of electric and yellow crazy ants (collectively known as “tramp ants”) and help reduce the spread and impact of these nasty little pests.

Both have been introduced to the Wet Tropics, and pose a serious threat to the outstanding biodiversity, outdoor lifestyle, agricultural and tourism industries of the region.

In areas invaded by tramp ants, insects and small animals disappear very quickly. 

Executive Director of the Wet Tropics Management Authority, Andrew Maclean said, “We love our bug life and don’t want it to disappear. An insect photography contest is a great way to raise awareness of tramp ants and the harm they can do.“

“Engaging our talented photographers from across the region also helps draw attention to the vital role that our native insects play in the environment and their fascinating and colourful lives,” added Mr Maclean.

Winners and runner-ups will receive a range of great prizes including family passes to the Daintree Discovery Centre, vouchers from Garrick’s Camera House, certificates, Ant Raider sculptures, and wildlife field guides.

As well as being exhibited at the Tanks Art Centre, finalists’ photographs will be featured on-line. 

The event also marks the end of the “Stamp Out Tramp Ants” project; a collaborative project between Conservation Volunteers, Biosecurity Queensland, and the Wet Tropics Management Authority, funded from the Australian Government’s Caring for Our Country program.

“The dedication and contributions of all those taking part in the project was magnificent. The enthusiasm of the many volunteers who helped us make some serious progress in identifying key areas of risk is greatly appreciated.” Mr Maclean said.

The Insects of the Wet Tropics exhibition will be open from 4:30pm Friday 28th June to 16 July 2013. 

Learn more about the Stamp Out Tramp Ants project

Insect photographers help protect the Wet Tropics

Published: 27th Jun 2013

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