Keep it Wild Poster Competition

Create a poster that will persuade readers to protect our World Heritage listed rainforest and to help celebrate 25 years of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The competition is divided into two sections :
  • Prep-Year 3 and
  • Year 4-7 students

Students are invited to write and illustrate a persuasive poster that is an eye-catching public notice or advertisement designed tochange the way people feel, think and act.

Your persuasive poster should be A3 landscape size and include the following features:
  • Striking graphics - draw, paint, use digital photos or computer graphics
  • A simple message or slogan

Themes: Make up your own message or look at one of these topics:

  • Living ecosystems – how do we minimize the threats to our ecosystems? such as tramp ants, weeds and pollution.
  • Here today gone tomorrow – threatened species –how can we care for our wildlife?
  • Water – waste not, want not – tips to sustainability

How to enter the Keep it Wild Poster Competition 

Keep it Wild Poster Competition

Published: 29th May 2013

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