Learn more about wet tropics rainforest birds

Learn more about Wet Tropics rainforest birds from this new book published by BirdLife Townsville.

0ver 50 bird species are highlighted, with an emphasis on those the amateur naturalist and nature lover is most likely to see in the world heritage rainforests of the southern Wet Tropics. The user-friendly guide is filled with exciting action photography and fascinating behavioural insights on breeding and breeding habits of each species. There is even a section on each page 'places to look' to help locate birds that may have eluded you so far.

Read an article by Wet Tropics Management Authority executive director Andrew Maclean on 'Managing threats to the Rainforest' at the front of the book.

For more information visit here.

Learn more about wet tropics rainforest birds

Published: 03rd Sep 2012

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