Making pals in Paraguay

Balancing environmental conservation with sustainable development is a global challenge. The Wet Tropics Management Authority shared its experience with a group from Paraguay recently.

The group's visit was funded by AusAID, and is part of the Paraguay Environmental Conservation Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships Program. The fellowship program helps to train participants in areas such as policy development, strategic planning and community engagement.

During their orientation in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, the group attended a field trip to the Lake Eacham nursery and visited landholders on the Tablelands involved in conservation activities on their properties.

Throughout the day, Wet Tropics staff discussed issues such as forest recovery and rehabilitation, environmental law and planning and coordination of environmental activities.

The participants work for the Moises Bertoni Foundation, a non-government organisation that works for sustainable development in Paraguay. The foundation manages two remnant rainforest reserves in the north and runs an education centre in one of the reserves.

Making pals in Paraguay

Published: 20th Sep 2013

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